Cub Camp News

Cub Camp 2014 took place between 20 and 22nd June 2014 at Bramhope Scout Campsite. We benefitted from the fantastic weather and fabulous facilities at the campsite. The Cubs enjoyed archery, Go-karting, traditional scouting activities such as knots and tracking and taking the lead at the camp fire on the Saturday evening.

As part of their Outdoor Challenge, the Cubs were asked to keep a camp diary. Some do better than others, with Jack Cumming winning the certificate for the best overall diary. I thought I would share some snippets with you.

Jack – Diary titled ‘Cub Camps Are Brilliant’ –

20th July 2014 – I came to camp and started to play family tig. Eventually me, Felix , Sam, McKenzie, Andrew and Callum ran around to look for materials for our den (small). When Felix and me went looking …we saw something rare, a small brown rabbit- in the WILD? When we came back we found that someone had destroyed our den. We moved it to behind the bush. People stayed behind there for a while to watch it….Akela then told us to get out the ‘sharing’ snacks. I had bought Orange Kitkats and Jaffa cakes (they are both super tasty) and then we sat down and took the register. The only person that arrived late was Noah who bought loads of cupcakes!....We had to be divided into three groups and me, Mackenzie, Sophie , Callum and Andrew were yellow group. We had to go to Bagheera for a postcard to post. But every letter needs a stamp doesn’t it? So we had to go to Martin for a yellow sticker. But it was unfair as Martin was hiding but the other groups people weren’t hiding so it was easier for them so we lost 1st place by 18 letters! For tea it was hot dogs. I was expecting something I wouldn’t like but obviously I was lucky that time. Afterwards we played bingo. I thought I would have a chance with 7 really lucky numbers but I only got 8 out of 15. Maybe if I had 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49! Just then I began wondering what was happening at home.

Clement - I arrived at Cub camp at 6.30. When I found the campsite I dropped my bag and said bye to my parents. After that I went to play with the other cubs. We made an epic den. After that Chil (a cub leader) told us the rules.

Felix – I had the idea of making a den. We changed the venue into the woods. Unfortunately some wasps were building their nest there. First Noah got stung and shortly after that Clement got stung. From then on we were banned from that place….The next day was cold. William was the last up. We had breakfast and played football.

Gustav  - Next we played a game when we have three teams blue, red and yellow. You have to get a card but before you post it you have to have a stamp of your colour team. …Then we painted our flag and wear our T-shirt from before (the cubs made camp t-shirts on the Tuesday before camp).

Joel – We did a hunt with sticks and stones for arrows. Next we all split into groups and did knotting, Nerf and camouflage…Before long we played football and then we sang songs around the campfire. A hour later we went to bed and I had a good sleep.

Jasper- We got split into three groups. The groups were Nerf guns, tying knots and making a tank... Then we did a campfire and everyone was there and a girl looked at me and Noah and she smiled at us

Sophie - It now is Sunday morning and we are getting ready for Breakfast. We made a tank out of cardboard. We put green and black paper on it....we are going to do archery in a group and the other group are going to do something else.

Eleanor – I have just had Frosties and bacon. Yummy! I am jumping about because we had just seen who has the best tent. Sophie and me won. I got a cat’s cradle as a prize.

Ethan – Today I had a better night and slept in. We had cooked breakfast and cereal. Soon I will do my promise. We are about to go to archery and I hope I win. Yesterday we played capture the flag and my team won 2-3.

Pictures from the weekend can be seen by following this link.