St George's Day Parade

Celebrating St George’s Day With Our Partners In Otley

Apr 24, 2017

“Yesterday, I visited Otley in West Yorkshire to speak at the St. George’s Day Parade Service. Over 400 Scouts, leaders and parents gathered at the packed out church to celebrate St. George’s Day.”

Sam, our Community Fundraising & Events Officer, tells us about his trip up to Yorkshire.

“This year, Feed the Minds are delighted to have been chosen by Bridge Church Otley as their charity of the year. As part of the partnership, Bridge Church are organising a variety of fundraising events and collections in aid of Feed the Minds.

As anyone who has ever been part of the Scouts will know, the Scout Motto is be prepared.  I remember this clearly from my time in the Scouts. We were taught to be prepared for any circumstance and to know how to react – we were told to always carry a 20p coin, a piece of paper and a pen. This was so that, in an emergency, we could use a pay phone and note down any important information we needed. Whilst nowadays, carrying a mobile phone may have replaced the 20p, pen and paper, the motto – be prepared – remains.

At Feed the Minds, we also train people to be prepared, especially people around the world who face challenges in their life. We support people, who might have missed out on the chance to go to school,  who have been forced to leave their homes due to war, or who are simply women, living in a country where they do not have the same opportunities as men. A large part of what we do is helping people to gain basic literacy skills. By literacy, we mean more than just reading and writing – or using pen and paper – it is a tool of understanding and communicating, which includes the use IT and other media resources. We see literacy as a way of being prepared to learn, work, stay healthy, and more!

The parallels don’t end there…

Another important part of the being a Scout is earning activity badges. All the Scouts at the St George’s Day Parade in Otley proudly wore their collection of badges stitched onto their sleeves. The badges allow Scouts to show their proficiency in an existing practical skill or to try a new activity by working towards gaining the badge. Scouts can earn a badge in anything from mechanics to smallholder farming to emergency aid (see the full list here). The badges offer Scouts the chance to discover what they enjoy doing, gain skills for life and help reach their full potential.

Through practical skills, we also enable people around the world to reach their full potential at Feed the Minds. Whether it’s supporting women farmers to improve their harvests, training young apprentices in vocational skills such as auto mechanics, or using smartphones to help community midwives save lives, our projects use the transformative power of education to change peoples’ lives.

At Feed the Minds, we are ever grateful for Churches and community groups, like Bridge Church Otley, for their support. Discover how you can support Feed the Minds by visiting our Get Involved section of the website.

Or if you would like to book a speaker to talk at your Church or community group, please get in touch.”

Be prepared!