Cub Scouts

Otley Bridge Cubs

What are Cubs?
Our cub pack has children (boys and girls) aged between 8 and 10½  years old, some have come from our Beaver Colony, but those new to the group are more than welcome.
We have a 1½ hour meeting weekly, plus an annual weekend camp and a sleepover (or more accurately it should be called awake-over!).

What do we do?
We have a balanced programme covering all sorts of topics and working towards many badges, which are proudly worn on the uniform.
The programme is planned termly and a pack programme is sent home so that everyone knows what is coming up.

The format of our evening is usually:

Grand howl (which is an opening ceremony that all cubs have)
An active game
Programme activity
Grand howl

When cubs join the pack, they have an introductory period of around 4 weeks and then they make their Cub Scout promise, at which time they receive their necker and some badges, plus a certificate and promise card. 

The pack is divided into 3 or 4 sixes (depending on numbers) each lead by a sixer, with a seconder to help. The cubs often work as a six to produce artwork or in games.  This encourages leadership skills and teamwork.

Recent activities:
We have just held our annual sleep over, where we went to the Leeds climbing wall, built Dr Who’s Tardis and had a “cinema” in sleeping bags. Then, after a full English breakfast and Church Parade, we visited the library and learnt all about book classification and the differences between fiction and non-fiction.

When do we meet?
Our meeting is on a Tuesday night in the church hall from 6.45pm until 8.15pm during term time. Church Parade is usually monthly, on the second Sunday in the month, during school term time.

There is a termly payment of £1 per week to cover the cost of the activities, plus £38 capitation per year (Sept – Aug)

Contact Details:
Think your son or daughter may wish to join our pack? Please contact the Church Secretary in the first instance -